Civilsamfund i Udvikling (CISU)


CISU er en sammenslutning af næsten 300 folkelige, danske organisationer, der alle er engagerede i udviklingsarbejde.

På vegne af Danida forvalter CISU blandt andet Civilsamfundspuljen.

CISU arbejder på tre måder:

  • CISU støtter medlemsforeningernes arbejde gennem kurser, rådgivning og online guides om alt fra økonomistyring i projekter over organisationsudvikling til bæredygtig udvikling
  • CISU støtter danske organisationers
    • udviklingsprojekter med op til 4,5. mio. kr. gennem Civilsamfundspuljen
    • humanitære indsatser med op til 2 mio. kr. gennem nødhjælpspuljen, DERF
    • oplysning i Danmark med op til 25.000 kr. gennem CISUs Oplysningspulje og med op til 220.000 kr. gennem FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!
  • CISU fremmer gode vilkår for civilsamfundsarbejde i og uden for Danmark ved at repræsentere medlemsforeningerne i forskellige faglige fora samt over for Udenrigsministeriet og politikere

Lake Natron Maasai Support er medlem af CISU.

Elley Revision


Bogføring – Regnskab – Revision – Skat – Budget – Rådgivning.


Baraza la Wanawake wa Kifugaji (BAWAKIMO)


BAWAKIMO is a women-led Community based Organization established in 2015 with registration number 164/2015.

BAWAKIMO is a membership organization with more than 1.200 grassroots women pastoralist members from Monduli district, Tanzania.

BAWAKIMO objectives is to raise and improve women’s economic and social life through trainings, lobbying and advocacy as well as women economic empowerment in eliminating all forms of violence and poverty among all stakeholders in the community. Read more here

Eramatara Engaresero Cultural Tourist Program (CBO)


CBO is a community-based organization promoting sustainable tourism.

CBO was established in 2012 with the mission of promoting, empowering and safeguarding the interests and livelihoods of the community through the sustainable management of its natural and cultural resources, in line with its pastoralist heritage. CBO aim at collecting and distributing tourism benefits to local communities by ensuring their active participation in tourism, environmental conservation and traditional pastoralist systems preservation. CBO is directly operated by local people and 100% of the income generated remains in the community.

Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF)


The TNRF seeks to improve governance and accountability in Tanzania’s natural resource sector to achieve more sustainable rural livelihoods and better conservation outcomes.  As a member-driven NGO, TNRF works to improve policy and practice for the better, by helping to bridge the gap between:

  • People’s local natural resource management needs and practices; and
  • National natural resource management priorities, policies, laws and programs

TNRF supports its members by improving communication, sharing information, promoting collaboration and strengthening collective action. TNRF has a growing membership of more than 3,800 people and organizations, supporting professional staff, and a steering committee drawn from the membership.

VABusiness Assurance Services


VA Business Assurance Services provide audit and other assurance services to a number of clients drawn from various industries.

VA Business Assurance Services is recognized international through its membership to AGN International, a Worldwide Association of Separate and Independent Accounting and Consulting Firms. VA Business Assurance Services are now also registered with Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB-US) as eligible for auditing or participating in the external audit of company listed in USA.

VA Business Assurance Services is also shortlisted by the office of Tanzania Controller and Auditor General for audit of government owned entities on his behalf.